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We have been building our name into your home since 1978! Kloet Construction prides itself on delivering thorough quality construction and keeping costs reasonable without sacrificing quality. We have been been in the new home business for over a quarter century, and we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship.

Peter Kloet, master builder and friendly customizer, had been putting his name into homes for many years. Now he has passed on this great opportunity to his nephew John who had been working with Peter for over 25years.

We ensure your satisfaction by being responsive during – and after – the home is built. It’s your home, and we want to make sure that you will receive maximum enjoyment from a Kloet-built home. We also specialize in high-quality renovations and additions, as well as Custom Blueprint and Design, John is qualified under the new Building Code Act as a Design Builder. We use a software program called SoftPlan to customize our home plans to better suit your needs.

We have been a member of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program since September, 1976! This program protects new home buyers by ensuring they receive the benefits of their builder’s warranty. The Warranty Program also regulates and licenses all builders of new homes and condominiums in Ontario.

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In addition to our excellent record with the Warranty Program, we received a thrilling honour in 2002, as we were nominated for the Ernest Assaly Ontario Builder of the Year Award! This award recognizes exceptional customer service and excellence in the home building industry.

You can find Kloet Homes in southwestern Ontario – in Jarvis, Simcoe, Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford, and the surrounding area. John insists on using local tradespeople for all work in his construction projects. He’s committed to the local community and creating a strong local economy.

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Kloet Construction were wonderful to work with - I’m thrilled with my home and never want to leave! It’s exactly what we wanted.